Letter: Reaction to shootings at Pittsburgh synagogue


To the Editor:

We have only one boat. And we are its brief in time passengers.

To quote John Donne, "The death of one diminishes us all."

The terrible recent tragedy in Pittsburgh makes me realize how such an event can instill fear.

I am Christian by birth and in practice. But we all know: 1. There is only one creative and loving God. 2. We are His children.

This loving God (I believe, along with many others) is not the cause of anger and brutality, prejudice and hatred He wishes what any loving parent wishes: that we all love one another.

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I was a war-time refugee myself — back in the days of the "last" great war. I feared for my life (though not Jewish, but Russian). I was grateful for the times we were given refuge in Nazi Germany.

I know the feeling of fear. I also know the opposite, gratitude.

We must all stand shoulder to shoulder against terror and hatred.

My heart, and the hearts of all in my family, burns with tears for those innocent victims who — irony of irony — were communing with our God when tragedy struck.

We only have one boat. There is no other.

Leonid Garder,



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