Letter: 'Rambo-fueled fantasy' of arming teachers

To the Editor:

President Trump, commenting last week on the most recent school shooting, said that we should report "instances" of mentally disturbed persons to the authorities "again and again." I agree. That is why I have just reported President Trump to the FBI. I know they are already working on his case, but I wish they'd hurry up, because it's obvious he's about to explode. He has boasted that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and his supporters wouldn't care, but what about the rest of us, not to mention the friends and family of the victim?

Can anyone literate enough to read this newspaper not see that the man is deranged? He wants to arm "weapons talented" teachers. "The teacher would have shot the hell out of him," said the president in regard to the Florida shooter. For a school like Parkland with 3,500 students Mr. Trump said he would arm 150 teachers. 150 guns in school every day — what could go wrong? The whole idea is grotesque, the paranoid, Rambo-fueled fantasy of one who then went on to remind us never to "glorify violence."

At CPAC Mr. Trump told (not for the first time) the story of the snake. A "tender-hearted woman" takes a poor snake into her house, cares for it, and her reward is "a vicious bite" (she dies). In Mr. Trump's telling the snake is an immigrant, in case you hadn't guessed. What kind of twisted soul says "tender-hearted" with a sneer? Or is so ignorant of the history of his country?

Yes, the president is seeing snakes.

So am I: him. There is something unmistakably reptilian about President Trump, and I don't mean his lounge-lizard sexual morality. No, it's the small hands and eyes, the orange crest, the repellent, lying lamprey mouth, the cold-blooded incapacity for human sympathy.

The signs, as he says, are all there. Report him again and again.

Phil Holland.



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