Letter: Quantum Leap program changes students' lives


To the Editor:

Mr. and Mrs. Crosier have changed the lives of so many students through their work at MAU. I was a previous student and before meeting the Crosiers I hated going to school at MAU. Their programs gave students so many opportunities through the school. I personally was a part of their Mosaics program, as well as having Danielle Crosier as my S.O.S teacher.

Mr. and Mrs. Crosier always gave me that push I needed to succeed in life. They taught me how to succeed through hard work and determination. If it wasn't for Mr. and Mrs. Crosier, I would not be graduation this fall with my Bachelor's degree in sociology, because I honestly never cared about school until they came along and gave me a reason to care about it.

Without Mr. and Mrs. Crosier teaching me so many different things I would not have been able to survive college. I did not even know how to write a proper essay/research paper without their help, because none of the other teachers I had in the main building needed us to or would fully teach us how to. I did not know how to look for proper sources for a paper or how to do a proper citation — my high school teachers, except for Mr. and Mrs. Crosier, told me that a link that was all I needed to do. They taught me how to cite in MLA format because that is what is required to do in college, not paste a link from a website.

Those two teachers do so much for their students and the school that letting them walk out of those MAU doors that so many have walked out of before would be the greatest loss to not only the students but the school itself. The Bridges program and Quantum Leap program deserve to have such amazing and inspiring educators such as them running the program. Please do not let them leave for the wellbeing of the students because they deserve to have teachers that will help them through highschool and through life.

Spread the news that the education system is being targeted. This program does so much for every student who walks through those doors, it would be an honest shame to lose it. The program teaches kids success and how to break through the barriers that would block another person. It taught me to keep running towards success and let nothing stop me.

Please spread the awareness that this program is being targeted and it would be a shame to lose this program as it has done so much for me and other students.

Laura Farrington,




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