Letter: Profit from others' misfortune?

To the Editor:

Governor Scott stated on Dec. 21 that climate change could be beneficial to Vermont. He's got to be one of very few, if not the only, person, in this state who thinks that way. It's embarrassing that our governor sees economic benefit for our state instead of the suffering and loss those wildfires in California have cost tens of thousands of people.

Scott's statement shows that he doesn't believe in the concept of climate change even though he at times says he does. In fact Gov. Scott's initiatives while in office have often been in opposition to the 5-year plan the state adopted.

Vermonters care about people and wouldn't want to profit from their losses

I know many people in California. I don't want them to hear that all our governor thinks about when he hears of disasters in other parts of the country is how Vermont can benefit.

He needs to rethink what he said.

Bill Kuch



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