Letter: "POW" group is not humane

To the editor:

Addressing the Bennington Banner outdoor article (Aug. 12) about Protect Our Wildlife (POW), there should be caution when dealing with this rogue anti-hunting/anti-trapping group. Starting with their abbreviated name that has upset many veterans I know, the groups agenda is much more sinister and far from humane. The group's misguided leader, Brenna Galdenzi, moved here from Connecticut with her anti-hunting agenda but quickly learned that Vermonters cherish our wildlife and understand the economical and ecological need for sound game management and the science behind conservation. Facing heavy resistance against their anti-hunting dialect, the group quickly morphed into an anti-trapping group who now claims to be pro-hunting. Do not be fooled by that deception and realize our small game populations need the same management and regulation. Suggestions like capping your chimney or installing one-way pet doors are great tips, but really amount to common sense much like taking down your bird feeders when bears show up. POW's claim to reduce negative animal/human interactions is quite disingenuous; they want to ban trapping period. A few tips will not prevent the ecological disaster that will happen if this group gets their way. The starvation and disease epidemics that will follow would be horrifying and the immediate overpopulation would cause more negative human conflict. The one sided, misleading and incorrect information this group spews out is unsettling to say the least and any logic, historic evidence or fact based science is quickly removed from their social media pages and opponents are banned. Any group who will not allow its members access to the other side of a debate should be the first clue. Small game populations need to be managed for protection of critical habitat and the future of the species just like big game. The funding piece is very important. Just like hunting, if we stop trapping and management of our small game it will be catastrophic for both the wildlife and society. This is basic heritage and tradition, a economical renewable resource both the people of this State and our wildlife need. The article also did not mention that one of POW's strongest opponents is the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. The trained, professional biologists and experts we hire and pay to actually "protect our wildlife" are against this and so am I. I call for a ban of Lush Cosmetics or any business who support POW or their harmful ideas against conservation.

— Kevin Hoyt



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