Letter: O'Connor is a voice for Benn El's children

To the Editor:

I am writing in regards to some very sad news I read today. To hear that Jerry O'Connor's contract with SVSU will not be renewed is heartbreaking. To hear that it is because of her performance is hard to believe — if he were to do nothing all day, he is the one guy those children trust and can turn to. He is the voice of the children. He is something that is a rarity in this school district, he cares about these kids. He greets them as they walk in to the school every day. He genuinely cares about their well being. I ran into a situation over the summer where I needed advice; my child wasn't even going to his school anymore and he answered my call, offered me his advice and never asked questions or hesitated to help me. If Jerry's contract isn't renewed, we will lose another voice for our children, and I fear that it will be another voice of money that will replace him.

Abigail Scott



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