Letter: O'Connor a hard worker, great with the kids

This article really draws up some strong feelings about how just a few small-minded folks are allowed to make decisions that ruin one person's life. Jerry O'Connor is great with the kids at Bennington Elementary! For Mr. Murphy and the board to not renew his contract, and basically for it to be done in almost complete secrecy until one meeting (also not made known to the public, mind you!) is just plain not fair.

I enjoyed Nancy Haynes' comment about inviting Mr. Murphy to come to the school just to see how O'Connor is on a daily basis. Quite frankly, there are a lot of fake people in this town and I just don't see it in this man. He and I have not always seen eye-to-eye on a few things but I certainly do not feel comfortable sitting and watching this unfold before my eyes and not saying how I feel. For those who know me, I do not have a problem saying how I feel; and I just feel that this is unfair! Go to the school! Walk those halls! Talk to the kids! Then make your decision. If we need "a new direction that is required administratively" then that decision should be an educated one; one made by getting your feet wet and doing the work. Might I add that I have not been to a basketball game at Bennington Elementary in the past few years and not seen Mr. O'Connor refereeing a game (not always making the best calls {I joke}) but it's important that it be known he is not only doing his part during the school day but after hours and weekends are put in. If nothing else, I feel Jerry O'Connor's hard work as vice principal should be made public, not just the non-renewal of his contract. Absurd!

Nichole Shepard



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