Letter: Not happy with editorial

To the editor:

The recent satirical, I mean, opinion piece, in the Banner concerning the Pownal town plan, and lamenting Empower Pownal is summarized below for anyone that missed it. If you have concerns about the Pownal town plan, then you're responsible for grandma losing her health care I think. You are also "slanted," "ill-informed," "irrational," "paranoid," expressing "flat-out wrong opinions," and remarkably, guilty of "cyberbullying." Those flyers that spread rumors about the possibility of closing mobile home parks by using the unfair and deceptive tactic of quoting the proposed town plan are worthy of a well coordinated state wide or even national campaign by local extremists. And besides, what's wrong with closing some of the parks, or forcing people to change their lifestyles? Hey! Get that junk car off your lawn! And for the 15th year in a row, the Bennington Banner has won the coveted "Bennington Banner Excellence in Journalism Award." Way to go!So Pownal residents, be reasonable. Assimilate! Stand up against any attempt to give you a voice and a vote on your own future. Resist any attempt to bring the town plan to a vote. And whatever you do, please don't go to https://www.petitions24.com/petition_to_vote_on_your_town_plan to sign the on-line petition (paper copy also available at the Village Market). Just give in. Resistance is futile. Petition for Pownal registered voters only. My name is not "Anonymous," and I approve this message.

— Bob Jarvis

North Pownal


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