Letter: Not a good spot for pot

To the editor:

Yes! 345 Elm Street is a beautiful site! Lets keep it beautiful by opposing the use of a residential area for a medical marijuana clinic. My reasons are many but here are a few: Elm Street is residential. Three-forty-five Elm may have been a physicians office in the past but signs both front and back clearly stated "no drugs."

Security after hours. Clearly there will be drugs in this clinic! Bennington unfortunately does have a serious drug problem. Children live in this area; sidewalks are located on that side of the street, bikes, strollers and many walkers. There will more traffic, no matter how you schedule. Safety will be an issue.

I am sure our town fathers can easily direct Mr. Cats-Baril to a site closer to the police station. There are many vacancies downtown, where children are not learning to ride bikes and families are not out for morning or evening walks. I am in favor of a medical marijuana clinic in Bennington county, however not where it potentially could interfere with family life.

— Eileen K. Plunkett



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