Letter: North Bennington traffic still a problem

To the editor:

Several years ago I wrote a letter to the editor in response on how to redirect traffic around the park isle in the middle of the town. I did see several improvements and was enthused as to the town's response by following some of my suggestions. One of my suggestions was to place a stop sign at the bottom of Prospect Street prior to turning right towards Power's. It seems that drivers have forgotten it is there. On several occasions I have witnessed people completely ignoring the stop sign and simply turning right some in excessive speed. I never see any patrol cars in the area. What will it take to control this? A child being run over, an accident? I would hope the town representatives pay heed to this. Another problem, which I deem unacceptable is cars coming from Hoosick, using Paulin's filling station as a way to evade stopped traffic on the corner. Again it is a serious problem with no policing visible. It is appalling that this should go on and what are our high taxes getting in return? Wake up people! This cannot go on.

— Daniel Perreault

North Bennington


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