Letter: No reason to close Vermont Yankee

Monday September 24, 2012

The Vermont Electric Cooperative issued a news release asking its customers to conserve energy two days in July to alleviate strain on the electric grid. If we are being asked to forego normal activities because we don’t have enough electricity now, we’ll have even less electricity if Vermont Yankee were closed.

VEC suggested that during the heat wave customers turn off unnecessary lights, delay the use of appliances until after 6 p. m. and raise their air conditioner temperature by 3 degrees. To support these actions the company offered a "Beat the Peak" program where they will provide alerts to customers of when to reduce their electricity use.

While I try to regularly conserve electricity, I don’t think I should organize my life around electric supply. We need an electrical infrastructure which provides sufficient capacity at all times, and allows the electric companies to meet their customers’ needs.

In past years Vermont Yankee provided approximately one-third of all the electricity consumed in Vermont and sold its remaining electricity to the New England Electric Grid. Now, all of Vermont Yankee’s electricity is being sold to the Grid. Grid power is then purchased by electric companies and distributed to their customers.

For more than forty years Vermont Yankee has provided reliable electricity without producing greenhouse gases. This electricity is available 24 hours per day, every day, no matter the weather conditions. The plant provides over 600 jobs for area residents and pays millions of dollars in state and local taxes.

Vermont Yankee is necessary to meet the electric needs of Vermont, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. There is no reason to close Vermont Yankee.


Jaffrey, N.H.


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