Letter: No new PFOA regulations

To the editor:

The Banner's take is "more regulations" to prevent future water pollution problems. Obviously, this would entail more money to be thrown at the problem, with questionable result. My view is that current regulations are more than adequate, and probably suffocating, and that government "oversight" has let us down again. Are any of the Vermont government environmental "protectors" going to be held accountable for the insidious effects of PFOA on the innocent people of North Bennington, Pownal, et al? I'd doubt it. The problem has gone on for at least 40 years with the Vermont and federal governments sitting fat, dumb, and happy while drawing paychecks for "protecting" the people. To me, that smacks of incompetence and total failure of agencies to do their jobs. I wonder how many folks are holding up grave stones in local cemeteries due to failures in the existing system? I also wonder how many living folks are currently affected because of political decisions that sealed their malaise? I'd think that the Banner would call for the law enforcement to immediately investigate this terrible problem and hold the politicians and pertinent state agencies harshly accountable for the job that they have not done over at least 40 years. What a novel perspective...

— Victor K. Harwood Jr.



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