Letter: New level of secrecy in firing of Walker

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To the Editor:

Congratulations, selectboard of Pownal for your Profiles in Courage handling of the termination of Michael Walker, Town Administrator!

Government by executive session has risen to a whole new level of secrecy in Pownal no comment; no comment; no comment (speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil).

"Pay no attention to [the selectboard] behind the curtain" (The Wizard of Oz).

You've covered yourselves in glory by your transparent treatment of Mr. Walker, by the careful manner in which you shared with him and Pownal's voters the specifics of his malfeasances, the attentive devotion to due process you've accorded him, the timely and thorough evaluation (that's one; singular, performance evaluation in 16 months!), by the engagement [and misuse] of a town "agent" to further insulate you from the ugly necessities of actually having to confront Mr. Walker to discharge him. ["Town Agent (elected). The town agent used to prosecute and defend suits. The selectboard now has that authority. Thus, the town agent's duty consists mainly of assisting when litigation is in process, at the request of the selectboard. (Generally not a very active position.) 17 V.S.A. sec. 2646 (11)]" Local Office Descriptions. https://.sec.state.vt.us/elections/candidates/local-office-descriptions.aspx

You have a swell Thanksgiving!

Syd Smithers,

North Pownal



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