Letter: New efforts in Pownal to connect community

To the Editor:

When I ran for the Select Board in Pownal, one of my main concerns was the flow of information. I feel that we have made great strides in getting the word out by various means. Our already fabulous website — www.townofpownal.org — is continually growing and improving. Different members have different ways of reaching out or being available to the town. My personal method is social media — www.facebook.com/PownalSelectBoard/ I have had several nice conversations via Facebook messaging and have gotten to know many members of the town this way. It is extremely useful in sharing information quickly — like why we all lost electricity on Friday night!

We started a newsletter that currently goes out weekly. We have over 100 people receiving it at the moment and my hope is that everyone who receives email in Pownal will ultimately sign up or read the newsletters online where they are archived. Both the sign up form and the archives: https://townofpownal.org/town-email-newsletters.php

Finally, we just launched a new page on the town website that is a listing of town events. https://townofpownal.org/community-calendar.php I have found all this outreach to be very fulfilling.

Jenny Dewar,



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