Letter: Mayor proposal lacks crucial details

To the Editor:

The argument made by some supporters of a mayoral system seems extremely irresponsible to me. I hope voters will vote no on March 6.

We are being asked to vote for a binding resolution (no take-backs) to install a new system of local government which could allow one person-person rule, since the mayor will would have veto power.

We are then also told not to worry about that problem or any other details related to how this new government will be structured because that can all be decided later, after we vote to install it.

But this is backwards, because the operation of governments depends on the details. We need to know what we're voting for. It shows a dangerous carelessness on the part of creators of this referendum since they haven't bothered to put in the time to create a proposal with details about how their government might actually be structured. They seem to have done no research about it, at least that they have shared. And yet they want us to vote for this.

This is in contrast to the in-depth work of our Charter Review Committee, which took testimony and took time to think through the pros and cons of their proposals for improving our town government.

The referendum supporters even seem to admit their proposal is half-baked by trying to reassure us that the details can come later. But Bennington deserves a much better town government than one that might be created by voting first and thinking later.

Lora Block



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