Letter: Listening to one another about guns

To the editor:

The recent tragedy in Reno has made me think about the way we have polarized around guns in America, the ways we engage in arguments instead of learning conversations with one another.

Many people really enjoy hunting, target shooting and collecting guns. Owning a gun/guns also gives a sense of safety. These neighbors feel anxious that gun control legislation will deprive them of the joy and safety that are important to them. Many people see the danger of abuse of guns, and growing violence and want to reduce those risks. They feel anxious about the deaths of people across America that have increased in recent years. Is it possible for us to enter into respectful conversations where we try to learn from each other what we value? Could we listen and try to tune into the experiences each one feels. Could we practice honoring each other, learning from each other, and working together?

For example, we Americans set limits on the speed of vehicles on the roads and it saves millions of lives but we do not try to deny people access to cars and trucks, etc. Can we work together to set healthy boundaries on the type of guns we sell in America, for example, while supporting the respectful, joyful use of guns that are important to many Americans?

— Marsh Hudson-Knapp



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