Letter: Las Vegas resident responds to cartoon

I am from Las Vegas, and am writing this to address the cartoon run in your paper earlier this week. Rather than react emotionally, I feel it would be better to offer up a solution to the problem. Mr. Rutberg has already made the first step in apologizing for the cartoon in the first place. While I understand the intention behind publishing the cartoon, and agree that there is need for some discussions, I'll be plain and honest; this is not a gun control issue. This is an issue where someone did something bad, and killed 59 innocent people, and injured or caused the injuries of 527 others.

What should have been done is urging the public to avoid politicizing the issue for the time being. Allow people time to mourn. Something that could be done is covering the story objectively, and celebrating the life of those who lost theirs. The comic cannot be taken down, it's already on the internet. What can be done is admitting the fault, promising to pay more attention to what is being published, and ensure that this doesn't happen again.

Aaron Gibson

Las Vegas


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