Letter: Know the candidates


To the Editor:

As I look at the latest group of candidates contending for seats on the Bennington Select Board for the upcoming March 2020 election, I have some major concerns for our community and Bennington's future. In my political opinion the possibility now at least exists that the community could see a disastrous turn in its leadership and the potential direction the select board and the town could be headed as a result of this election. I see some real issues with the two last-minute entrants into the field.

I believe one new candidate stands above the rest as a terrible choice for contention for a seat on the Select Board. A candidate that has recently been deeply involved in the conspiracy of voter fraud here and has also had her hand in the current Pownal email scandal as well. That candidate is Colleen Harrington.

Colleen Harrington and her co-conspirators have been the starting points responsible for many of the lies that have been peddled to the public, both local and statewide, about my wife, "former" State Rep. Kiah Morris, and myself over the last two years. It is still mind-boggling to many why this hateful propaganda campaign is still in full swing today. A campaign built on blatant lies and the continuous streaming of false accusations, that has continued two full years after Kiah chose to step away from her seat in politics for our family's safety. I believe this level of animosity toward a person, no longer in politics and working in the private sector now for two years, is beyond the actions of rational human beings.

In my opinion, it is incredibly important that we as voters acknowledge Colleen's willingness to spread falsehoods and irrational conspiracy theories against individuals that she and her co-conspirators choose to target with this behavior. I have to believe that many reasonable people would agree that Bennington cannot afford to elect Colleen Harrington to a seat on the Bennington select board.

Next, we have former politician Peter Brady. Peter at times has joined in Facebook conversations with people and himself telling people Kiah and I are nothing but racists and calling Kiah a race-baiter. He stated to a group that Kiah hadn't done anything for the town of Bennington or the state of Vermont in the entire time she was in office. I don't believe that a person that devoid of political reality should be sitting on our select board and bringing old 1995 ideas back to Bennington politics!

So please, voters of Bennington, think carefully about the choices you are about to make. If you picture Bennington's future as being one of forward-thinking, forward progress and possibly a town that welcomes diversity and inclusion, it is my political opinion that these two candidates are not the right choices for the Select Board.

James R Lawton,




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