Letter: Killing of black bear could have been avoided


To the Editor:

The recent killing of a black bear at Goddard shelter should have never happened. Was the bear suffering from a disease such as rabies or distemper? NO. Did the bear display aggressive behavior caused by hikers feeding it? YES. Sometimes such choices result in the death of a fellow hiker.

In 2009 a lone hiker was attacked and killed by coyotes in the Cape Briton Highlands National Park in Canada. This has been the only fatal attack, but not the only attack to ever occur there. Apparently, feeding by hikers over the years to prompt photo opportunities was not unusual. It was determined the woman who was killed did not feed them, or offer to feed them, prior to the attack. She was completely unaware of the danger that was created by previous hikers.

Could a similar event have happened at Goddard shelter? Absolutely! Think about it.

Frank Thompson,




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