Letter: Keep Jerry O'Connor in Benn El

Here we go again. This is a horrible deja vu moment for me. I feel like a time machine has transported me back to the spring of 2015 when a dysfunctional hiring process led to the disastrous choice of the former principal of MAUHS. Different board, different administrator targeted, this time a non-renewal instead of a hiring but the similarities are startling.

Once again our community is in a situation where the administration and a school board have made a hugely unpopular decision. The process is suspicious, AGAIN, the reasons for their decision are extremely unclear, AGAIN, the vote was messy and uncomfortable, AGAIN, and the community is outraged, AGAIN!

I don't believe for one minute that Jerry O'Connor has done anything that would warrant his dismissal as assistant principal of Bennington Elementary School. I have read a letter of recommendation written last month by the current Principal of Benn El and I have seen an evaluation done by his former boss from February 2017. Both of these documents speak of an administrator who is performing well and is a huge asset to Benn El. No red flags. Nothing. This makes absolutely no sense.

The BSD board needs to re-evaluate their decision. They must listen to and respect the opinion of Principal Dunn . They must be objective in their analysis of the information presented to them, they should be asking questions of the superintendent and they must not ignore the overwhelming sentiment of the community.

Removing a beloved staff member is no way to "move a school forward," whatever that means. Benn El needs Jerry.

Keep Jerry O'Connor in Benn El where he belongs.

Jeanne Conner



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