Letter: It's time to end political hatred

To the Editor:

This is in response to Bob Stannard's Banner column on February 21, "The View from My Place."

He states, "Time to act like Americans again." I agree totally, we need to act like Americans again. The whole column is full of hate towards our president.

Any collusion with Russia was with the Clintons, such as Uranium One and pay-to-play during the four years that Hillary was secretary of state. It has been said that she was not involved to that extent. The response is, follow-the-money. Bill and Hillary Clinton received $145 million from Russia and Bill received $500,000 from them for one speech, follow-the-money.

Donald Trump won the election fair and square. He had an agenda; Hillary Clinton's campaign was to hate Donald Trump and the Republicans. The hatred on both sides needs to stop and we need to act like Americans again. We are doomed; unless we can pull together, work together for the good of our nation. This cannot happen with so much hatred.

There is an old adage; "Acrimony of the heart will lay waste to the soul." This includes the soul of the people and the soul of our nation.

Robert Mueller did hand down 13 indictments on 13 Russians, but no connection to the Trump campaign. For over a year there are those that are trying to find collusion between Trump and the Russians in our election in 2016. It will not happen, as there was no collusion on President Trump's part.

Again, "Acrimony of the heart will lay waste to the soul."Let's stop the political hate and try to work together. We do not need to agree with the other side, but we can negotiate and treat others with respect. We are all in this same basket together.

Joseph H. Hall



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