Letter: Insulted by letter on racism on Vermont

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To the Editor:

I read with a great deal of anger the letter from Kathleen James and Seth Bongartz in last week's Manchester Journal concerning racism in Vermont and the rest of America. The whole tone of their letter is an insult to me and to everyone else I know. I am not a racist and do not know personally any racists, white, black or any other color. They owe us an apology. I am impressed that they feel so morally pristine that they claim to be the ones mentioned in scripture as being the ones "without sin" who can cast stones at the rest of us.

More importantly, they seem ignorant about much that has happened in the U.S. since the late 1960s. Legal and institutional racism has been outlawed by many acts of Congress which have been upheld and expanded on by countless Supreme Court decisions.

The social and economic programs of the "Great Society" legislation have largely failed in their goals and have, instead, caused a great deal of harm to the people they were intended to help, especially those in the Black communities. This is not my opinion. I have been educated and informed by the writings of several prominent Black spokespersons about how little good and how much harm has hit the Black communities in the last forty years. James and Bongartz would do well to read all or some of them.

Start with three short, quick reads that point out how Black people have been used and abused by liberal Democrats and their programs. One is by Juan Williams (a liberal Democrat himself), titled "Enough." Two and three are by Jason Riley (Wall Street Journal columnist and Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute). One is titled "Please Stop Helping Us," the other is "False Black Power." Two books by Shelby Steele complete the list. One is "The Dream Deferred," the other is titled "White Guilt" (Steele is a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institute at Sanford). These books are all in print. If you can't find them locally, Amazon has them.

A little knowledge is dangerous. We need to hear from some voices who are not self-serving demagogues that preach separation, demand group think and show their sympathy for others by burning down neighborhoods, attack police and firemen and admit that they want to demolish America as we know it. Standing on a pickup truck in Burlington hurling obscenities at the local police makes no more sense than "autonomous zones" in Seattle. Pious platitudes and calling the entire white population racists doesn't make sense either.

Weiland Ross,




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