Letter: In the best interest of the schools

As Building Principal at Mount Anthony Union Middle School for six year, I have worked closely with members of the MAU board. I have found this board to involved in committee work, supportive of innovative ideas and strong advocates for schools within our greater school committee. This board is representative of all communities and despite sometimes disagreeing with each other on specific topics, they have shown consistent desire to provide the highest quality education for all students in the MAU district. Our community's Act 46 proposal takes this model that has served the community for decades and applies it to the whole school community while preserving the current representative structure to ensure the value of every community's voice in decision making. For these educational reasons, I support the proposal made by our local Act 46 committee.

As a Bennington taxpayer and dad of three students who currently attend MAU schools, it is obviously in my best interest to have the best schools that we can provide. I am keenly aware of the positive image of Bennington that we want to share with others who visit or are deciding if they want to become members of our community. I want Bennington to take charge of the changes that Act 46 mandates and believe this plan will do so. I respectfully disagree with those who dare the state to come to Bennington and force change on our community. I am greatly encouraged by recent developments in our community especially the downtown area. I support the proactive approach proposed by our Act 46 committee as another step in our community's effort to restore civic pride and encourage growth.

Tim Payne



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