Letter: In support of James for state representative:

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To the Editor:

I received a flyer recently from Kathleen James, who is running for state representative for Arlington, Manchester, Sunderland and Sandgate. I had previously met her and on several occasions within the last year we were at the same functions listening to her talks, I really admired her energy and sincerity regarding issues that are so important to all of us. The flyer I received began by stating 3 words: Community, Compassion and Conversation. I thought, " Well, anyone can have a conversation" - but, I know it is very easy with Kathleen. She listens!"

Community? Kathleen has the welfare of all of us in regard to affordable healthcare and housing as well as expanded mental health services. A livable wage for all is definitely high on her list of items to fight for as well as support for strong schools and school choice for all of the people of Vermont. By the way, did I mention the Environment? Kathleen acknowledges Climate Change and the need for clean air, clean water, alternate energy sources and sustainable agriculture. There are ever-increasing threats that now exist and will increase in the future to our Earth. I am confident that Kathleen James understands and will support policies to conserve and preserve our Ecosystems in an attempt to assure a safe and brighter future for us and for generations to come. I must add that I believe she has a strong belief in the equality of all people and a desire to improve their health and welfare. Kathleen is energetic and well prepared to represent us in Montpelier. She votes my vote! She can do this job!

Please remember her and .vote!

Jean Freebern,




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