Letter: If it ain't broke ...

To the Editor:

In case some residents and voters haven't noticed lately, here are some of the good things about our town.

Thanks to our administration and town highway crew, over the last few years, several of our roads, streets and/or sidewalks have been greatly improved, repaired and, in some cases, replaced. For instance, to name some, Coolidge Ave., Division St., Bradford St., Tel Road, Safford St., Grove St., Imperial Ave., South Branch St., Grandview St., and Grant Street.

Our water department always maintains our fire hydrants in a timely fashion and have replaced several catch basins.

The fire departments, town and rural, have always responded in a very prompt manner.

Our rescue squad is well trained and do their jobs efficiently and with compassion. Their response time is also very prompt.

Our police department has ongoing training sessions to enable the officers to respond and do their very difficult jobs the best way possible.

Thank you to all the above dedicated men and women that are looking out for the rest of us.

The administration, consisting of a non-political town manager and a select board, seem to be working very well for the residents of Bennington. As the old Vermont saying goes, "if it ain't broke, don't try and fix it."

Ron Alderman



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