Letter: Hospital put at risk in abortion decision


To the Editor:

The recent revelations by the Civil Rights Office at U.S. Health and Human Services in which a nurse was reportedly compelled under pain of a loss of employment and potential loss of a nursing license to assist in an elective abortion procedure in violation of her conscience are nothing shy of unconscionable. Now four other nurses are making similar allegations.

It seems that the medical center has failed to grasp the meaning of a pervasive corporate commitment to ethical and lawful behavior, despite prior events of clear-cut violation of federal law (i.e. the Renaissance travesty).

It also appears that the medical center's zeal to embrace the broad practice of abortion, it may have made the decision to trample on the legal and ethical rights of its most valuable resource - its human resources.

Finally, it made an asinine financial calculation: Is its desire to practice abortion is worth jeopardizing the financial stability of the institution? Could UVMMC leadership not have achieved its goal without bringing down the wrath of the federal government?

Shame on the entirety of the board for its failure learn from the Renaissance Project and its failure to live up to one of its most fundamental obligations, the protection of the assets of the institution.

Pete Gummere,

St. Johnsbury



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