Letter: His dog is everything this president is not

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To the Editor:

Sometimes I think of how much I love my dog and how little I care for President Trump. They are quite different animals.

For example, my dog is pretty smart. She knows 95 percent of what she needs to know: come in, go out, catch, fetch, treat, suppertime. She's got it all down. On the other hand, President Trump appears to know only 5 percent of what he should know. Furthermore he doesn't realize that he is ignorant and makes off-the-cuff decisions without seeking advice (eg. abandoning the Kurds in Syria or photo ops with Kim Jong-un).

My dog knows right from wrong: if I catch her scaring the chickens and reprimand her, I can tell that she is contrite. President Trump has no moral compass. He thinks that his phone call to the Ukrainian president was "perfect," although the facts are that he was withholding aid until the Ukrainians investigated his political rival. He lies incessantly. The Washington Post has counted over 16,000 false or misleading claims in the past three years.

My dog loves children, particularly she likes to lick their faces. President Trump has taken children away from their parents and placed them behind wire fences. Furthermore, his policies would remove 400,000 American children from the health insurance roles.

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My dog appreciates value. She definitely prefers the brand name dog food compared to the cheapo alternative. President Trump might know the cost of certain programs, but he doesn't know much about their value. What is the value of combating global warming? What is the value of clean air and drinking water? What is the value of our national parks? His policies are to relax regulations even though this means more environmental degradation.

My dog likes to roam through the swampy area out back. President Trump thinks he is "draining the swamp," but in actuality he has introduced some hideous swamp creatures that are malevolent and malicious. They are multiplying in the White House.

My dog is loyal. President Trump demands loyalty from his base; his advisors must be loyal to him even if our democracy is at stake or if the Constitution is at risk. My dog would never betray our democracy.

There is only one similarity between the my dog and President Trump. When President Trump and Vladimir Putin get together behind closed doors, they like to sniff each other's butts.

G. Richard Dundas,



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