Letter: Help your country, wear a face mask

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To the Editor:

I am writing in to support Doug Friant's recent letter which rightly highlighted the stakes at risk if you choose to disregard mainstream medical advice about wearing masks in public.

If we ban smoking in public buildings to prevent the possible outcome of cancer after lengthy exposure, how indeed can we not demand at this time that a mask be worn by all in confined public places? Outdoors with room to distance masks are not needed. Mr. Friant rightly points out that one brief exposure to the COVID virus in a confined area can and DOES kill people.

Not only does COVID kill children, young adults and older adults, in the big picture COVID is killing our nation's economy and national security. Let's face it, not wearing a mask in public is down right unpatriotic and uncivil and unloving.

Here's something to think about. In a room filled with 20 people, if all 20 wear a suitable mask, all 20 are protected from any one of them who might be coming down with COVID. If even one of them is not wearing a mask, none of the 20 are protected.

I love my individual freedom as an American, but in this case I am more than happy to bend a little for the benefit of all in our community. Right now we should be thinking about the "one nation" part of the pledge of allegiance. United we stand, divided... well, you know what happens there.

James Allison,




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