Letter: Health care caters to insurance companies

To the editor:

I see where Bernie wants to take over healthcare. Yet not one mention on how to pay for it. I read where in Canada an orthopedists will pay $12,000 while a American doctors pays $140,000. This bring up two questions. One, are the doctors in Canada so much better they don't get sued, or are there limits on what can be collected? Two, is it a case that as one Democrat senator said we can't put limits on lawsuits, as trail lawyers are our major donors? I might also add, when I see year after year reports on the Veteran's Administration hospitals it causes me to ask, "Do I want even more government control?" There was a report out that 40 percent of Obamacare funding going to states with 20 percent of population. Once you get past this, there can only be one answer. Healthcare in America is set up for insurance company's to make profit and trail lawyers to get rich — John Edwards built a $30,000,000 vacation home — and funnel money to elected officials.

— J.W. McSherry



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