Letter: Hansen is choice for Vt.'s veterans

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To the Editor:

The discussion surrounding the veteran vote usually coalesces around benefits. Politicians are quick to talk about ways to ensure or expand how our government compensates and rewards military service. But in doing so, they often miss the greatest motivating factor in how a vet spends their vote: the promise to protect the liberties we put our lives on the line defending.

To be sure, you would be hard-pressed to find a veteran who wouldn't want a leader who fought for them to keep as much of their retirement pay as possible, made it easier to start a business or gave them greater opportunities to get education and credentials. Meg Hansen's deep understanding of economics, and command over the regulations that have crippled entire sectors of Vermont's economy, make her just such a leader. She would bring the most clear-eyed and articulate voice for pocketbook issues that Vermont has seen in generations. Meg understands that Vermont's vast veteran community are not just votes to be won, but that we are an army of hard-working entrepreneurs and volunteers who can be brought to bear on Vermont's woes — if we are given the tools to do so.

But more to the point, Meg has a fearless heart and a fighting spirit that cannot and will not be extinguished. Over the past generation, Vermont has witnessed an historic erosion of personal liberties and an expansion of government into nearly every facet of our lives. Too often, our leaders have sought to be complicit in this trend and have punted time and again, allowing the coordinated cabal of Vermont's elite to grow ever more emboldened in their lust for power and control.

For those of us who swore an oath to defend our freedoms and went on to serve in countries that showed us the alternative, we have craved a leader gutsy enough to take a stand against elitists in all parties. We have craved a leader who speaks the simple truth that, in America, liberty is the law of the land. Meg couples this bravery with extreme competence and an agile understanding of the complicated morass that is Montpelier.

She sees infringements on our 2nd Amendment and Article 16 rights for what they are: a message that only the government should be allowed to defend you. She sees the carbon tax, in whatever form, for what it is: an effort to control and extort you. She knows that housing bonds and ever-increasing fees are taxes too, and tools of the political priesthood to reward special interests. Most importantly, she knows that government is not the solution to our problems. Meg understands that our state is filled with a great and vigorous people who just want the opportunity to make our own way in this world as we see fit.

Daniel Brown,




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