Letter: Guns and safety

To the Editor:

There are twice as many guns per capita in the U.S., (approximately 300 million), as there were in the 1970s. Since negative gun legislation became active in recent years, gun sales have increased. In accordance with the Bureau of A.T.F.E, in 2013 U.S. gun makers produced 11 million guns. It isn't likely that we Americans and our Congress would concede the constitutional right to own firearms. So, how do we make our school students and other soft targets safe?

1. Secure points of entry, egress and roof access with alarms, metal detectors and armed monitors.

2. Encourage those teachers that are currently trained and licensed to carry firearms to protect their students instantly, prior to the appearance of governmental first responders. Past school slaughters were performed in the early minutes of the shooting - before the police arrived.

3. Lockable and alarmed classroom doors with bulletproof glass. At a minimum, wire glass could be used as an economical replacement.

4. Bulletproof, hurricane proof or wire glass should be used in exterior windows to prevent criminals shooting down at exterior student gatherings.

5. Insure that our federal, state and local governmental responders do not fail to recognize early warning signs of involved criminally mental health issues, or their specific duties to protect people - which in the Florida case, this failure was evident.

Getting rid of all firearms is not likely and if eliminated would result in a black market that would enable criminals to obtain whatever they want. If firearms are not available to kill unprotected people, as in the past, criminals have used motor vehicles, knives, hatchets, clubs, pipe and gas bombs and other explosives.

You must have noticed that I made no reference to AR-15 look alike assault weapons, bump stocks, or the adage "guns don't kill,people, criminally insane persons kill people." The gun dispute is a political question and has nothing to do with providing safety for our soft targets. Let us first tighten up our governments failures for an appropriate response then provide additional safety constraints as we do in our airports and public buildings.

Perry Green,

Manchester Center


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