Letter: Groundhog Day on area roads


To the Editor:Some mornings I wake up and I wonder, what day is it?I guess it has happened more than once to people that plan projects for Bennington.Hey, let's put the Welcome Center to Bennington right off the southbound traffic into Route 7! Nobody will be exiting the southbound lane from Route 7 to go there anyway.I know: We can bring the eastbound traffic from 279 right into the southbound lane of Route 7 and give the 279 traffic the right of way to into Bennington while doing 55 mph or better. After all, Why would the southbound traffic on Route 7 at any given time be going into Bennington? No problem!I know: Let's shut off Fairview Street and the Silk Road intersection on Columbus Day weekend and right through the foliage season. Who drives through there this time of the year? The traffic will be light and we have to get 'er done before winter.What day is it?Harold RoweShaftsbury


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