Letter: Graves off the mark in calling Trump racist

To the Editor:

Once again, your paper is running a piece by Alden Graves, who can think of nothing else to write about except for disparaging Donald Trump. Consistently Alden has called Donald Trump racist. Where is the proof? Prior to running for office, Trump was seem more than a few times with the likes of the Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. On amicable terms might I add. Time and time again Alden disparages a man and likens him to Ku Klux members. Lest Alden be reminded that the Democratic was the party that voted to continue the practice of slavery in the United States while the Republican Party voted to disband it.

I will keep my feedback to a shorter span than Mr. Graves does only to say that your paper needs to do a better job of giving both sides of the story. I will not use a term such as fake news as Trump has at times, but your paper in order to not be viewed as such needs to allow for other points of view, and not one that constantly disparages the president on a continual basis.

Other people don't view Mr. Obama in the same light. Graves concluded in his piece that Obama brought light to this country. That can be debated. He sought to divide people along race lines rather than unite. He chose to paint police officers in a negative light.

Jeremy Gaillard

Hoosick Falls, N.Y.


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