Letter: Gov. Scott betrays Vermont gun owners

To the Editor:

I take exception to your opinion that the Magpul magazine give away was an in-your-face demonstration. It was in fact brilliant marketing on their part offering a soon to be banned from purchase product to legal gun owners. The whole in-your-face part can be blamed on leadership in Montpelier. It starts with the governor proclaiming our gun laws were fine and doing a 180 after that kid planning an attack in Fair Haven was caught. The system works, but honest folks are now paying a price.

As for S.55, it was meant to be a bill concerning disposition of firearms in police custody. However, those who opposed Vermont's long tradition of freedom of gun ownership packed it with meaningless legislation. The inability to purchase a gun at 18 unless you are military or had an NRA safety course. No doubt they are in collusion with the NRA to sell guns by the sounds of it. No high-capacity magazines can be sold here, but the ones you have are just fine. What stops me from going into N.H. and loading up? These sales are not recorded and are untraceable.

The biggest slap in the face though is the governor's plan to sign these bills in public on the State House steps. A real in-your-face to those who supported him on his gun ownership stance. One last thing to consider here. The gun ban crew in Montpelier said this is just the beginning. Considering the total worthlessness of S.55, I'm sure their solution to fix it will curl the toe nails of moderate to liberal gun owners.

Clayton Kip,



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