Letter: Gottlieb impresses on justice issues

To the Editor:

Re: Sandra Bechtel's letter of May 7 ("Challenger Unworthy to Criticize Marthage"):

Wednesday, May 2, I had the pleasure and honor to interview Arnie Gottlieb for SoVT Today: News, Info, and Lifestyle of Southern Vermont. I found him to be calm, articulate, and a good listener. I asked him some pointed, tough questions and he was able to answer with ease and knowledge.

Arnie does not want to change our system. He wants to make justice accessible and equal for all of Bennington County's citizens, regardless of socio-economic status.

Gottlieb thinks our criminal justice system should not be black and white, and that we do need to start looking at other options besides incarceration.

Mr. Gottlieb is not a native Vermonter, true. But we need to put aside artificial boundaries. The perception is that most people move to Vermont because they love it and then immediately want to change it. He wants to find out what already works in the judicial system in Bennington County. Arnie Gottlieb does not think the system is broken, but the current caseloads are unwieldy and a drain on our resources. After six years under Erica Marthage's supervision, maybe it's time for new eyes to look at the county's criminal justice issues.

Vickie Lampron,



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