Letter: Get insurance companies out of health care system


To the Editor:

Our healthcare system promises to be one of the primary topics of debate in the upcoming 2020 presidential elections. On the one hand, the Republicans continue to be focused on destroying what is left of Obamacare and have yet to show us any replacement plan. Only a heartless Trump Republican would wish to take away health insurance from 20 million citizens. On the other hand, the Democratic candidates are fighting among themselves, many touting their own plans.

Only "Improved Medicare for All" plans (proposals from Bernie Sanders in the Senate and Pramila Jayapal in the House) will solve our problems. Don't be fooled by other plans that call themselves Medicare for All. For example, Senator Kamala Harris recently introduced her plan, which would allow people to sign up for Medicare Advantage plans rather than Original Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans are run by commercial insurance companies who seek to make a profit, often at the expense of their insured. Commercial insurers reaped $72 billion in profits last year. That is after they paid their lobbyists, advertised their plans, overcompensated their CEOs, and made their campaign contributions. This money (your premiums) would have been better used for patient care. We need to get rid of insurance companies, not give them more business. They serve no useful purpose.

Our health care system is by far the most expensive/inefficient in the world and, in comparison with other nations, we don't get what we pay for. Commercial insurers have failed us and will continue to fail us if we let them.

G. Richard Dundas, MD




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