Letter: Future promises new public transit options


To the Editor:

Are buses becoming obsolete? Fixed route bus ridership has been on the decline for years, but customized service requiring 24-hour reservation is increasing but costly. With taxpayers subsidizing 80-90 cents for every operating dollar spent and 100 percent of the capital costs, more innovation is needed to make these transportation services cost effective.

For example, Uber/Lyft is an option communities can consider. They're a demand-response service where a passenger gets an immediate vehicle upon a request to provide door-to-door service. There's no walking to a bus stop. With public bus transportation costing taxpayers in excess of $60 billion a year; an Uber/Lyft option would be a fraction of that cost.

Computer modeling can also be used to evaluate options to transport passenger quickly and at lower costs. Artificial intelligence can anticipate and plan scheduling for on-demand service to efficiently meet door to door needs.

Public transit needs to streamline and utilize capital and/or subsidies more efficiently. The bus of the future is going to look a lot different. Communities need to plan accordingly.

Frank Mazur,

South Burlington

The writer is the former chair of a public transit authority.



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