Letter: Friends of Pownal thanks voters, candidates

To the Editor:

On Tuesday, February 27th, the Friends of Pownal hosted a "Meet and Greet" for candidates running for office in Pownal. This past Tuesday, the citizens of Pownal exercised one of our most precious and powerful rights, the right to elect the local leaders who will serve our community.

The Friends of Pownal thanks, all of the candidates and the more than 700 citizens who cast their ballots. Congratulations to the candidates that were elected: Ron Bisson, Cindy Brownell, Nelson Brownell, Jenny Dewar, Bob Jarvis, Angie Rawlings, Ellen Strohmaier, Tammy Sohl and Julie Weber.

This year's election included first-time candidates, returning candidates and incumbents, who together represent the diversity of our small and vibrant community. Thanks to each of them. It takes courage to put yourself out there, especially as a first-time candidate. Challenging an incumbent takes even more courage. Though not getting elected may feel disappointing, each of the first-time candidates garnered more than 35% of the votes in their respective races, an achievement in and of itself.

This energy of new candidates did not extend to all the positions in town. A number of positions had no candidates on the ballot. Hopefully, in our next election, more citizens will step up to the plate and put their names on the ballot.

Rose-Marie Pelletier,

President, Friends of Pownal


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