Letter: Fails to find humor in new comic strips


To the Editor:

We moved to Vermont about six years ago and began reading and subscribing to the Banner almost as soon as we got here. I have been reading a daily newspaper since my college days 60 years ago.

I enjoy your news and sports coverage and the local interest pieces. But lately I have been really disappointed with the comic page. About a year ago you added Wallace The Brave. In that time I have yet to find it funny. Recently you added three more strips (notice I didn't call them comic strips), Daddy Daze, Nancy and Macanudo. They are just as bad as Wallace. Nancy wasn't funny 50 years ago and it still isn't.

Therefore I have some suggestions. You could save the cost of ink and just leave the spaces empty. Or maybe you should include a disclaimer and explain what was supposed to be funny with each strip. Of course what I would most like to see is drop all four and replace them with funny, well written and drawn comic strips. If you need a list of suggestions I would gladly send at least a half dozen good entertaining titles.

Jack Frielingsdorf,




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