Letter: Experience, record set Ashe apart

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To the Editor:

I am excited to support Tim Ashe for lieutenant governor. Tim is by far the best qualified candidate based upon his track record as a member and then president of the Vermont Senate, his leadership skills, and his overall approach to governing.

First, Tim's legislative track record is most impressive. He has advocated for or seen passed into law crucial bills making better the lives of everyday Vermonters. Such measures include expanding a woman's right to choose, ensuring that working Vermonters are paid a better minimum wage and do not lose pay when caring for a newborn or sick family member, and aggressively protecting Vermont's fragile environment. Before his peers elected him president of the Senate, Tim chaired the Senate Finance Committee, perhaps the most important Senate committee of all. He has fought for students (by blocking Governor Scott's proposed deep cuts to public education) and the elderly, by ensuring the passage of first in the nation legislation allowing for the reimportation of prescription drugs from Canada. In short, Tim gets things done and knows how to work with his legislative colleagues.

Particularly noteworthy is Tim's work on criminal justice reform and police accountability. He spearheaded the comprehensive criminal justice reform which includes banning chokeholds, and requiring that all Vermont police wear body cameras.

Tim was also responsible for legislation which has helped draw down the number of Vermont prisoners held in out-of-state, for-profit prisons, while reducing how many inmates are held here at home, without sacrificing public safety but while saving significant taxpayer money. Conversely, his chief opponent is an assistant attorney general in the Criminal Division, whose job presumably is to put people in jail.

The position of lieutenant governor demands the experience, judgment and talent that Tim has in abundance. The lieutenant governor is only second in command to the governor, remembering that Lt. Gov. Howard Dean suddenly became governor upon the death of Richard Snelling. A successful lieutenant governor must have the judgment, interpersonal skills and legislative leadership that Tim has in far greater supply than his challengers. It is not a job for a 36-year-old assistant attorney general totally lacking any legislative or governing experience.

I was sad to see Tim leave the Senate but I am thrilled that he is seeking the responsibility of becoming lieutenant governor. In every respect, he is most well suited for this crucial position, and deserves your vote, whether by mail or on Primary Day, August 11th.

Bradley D. Myerson,

Manchester Center



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