Letter: Evidence shows mayor would not be a cure-all

To the Editor:

On Tuesday, March 6th the residents of Bennington will have the opportunity to vote on various town issues. One being, Article 2: Shall the Town of Bennington amend the Town Charter to add Section 407 as follows: Mayoral form of government Vote no on Article 2. A mayor for Bennington is not a good idea.

There is an old adage, "The proof of the pudding is in the eating." Look around us at other communities. North Adams has had a mayor for many years. Are conditions better in North Adams than in Bennington? North Adams lost their hospital and their newspaper is gone. Hoosick Falls has a mayor, are they better off than Bennington? Rutland City has the type of mayoral system that is being proposed for Bennington. Are things in Rutland better than Bennington? Rutland City crime rate, the use of opiates and their quality of life, is Rutland City better off than Bennington? Compare Rutland City, which has a mayor, to Rutland Town, which does not have a mayor. Per capita income for Rutland City is $17,075, in Rutland Town it is $24,400. Why would we want a mayor?

Please vote no on article 2.

We have the Putnam Block Redevelopment Project in the works. We have come a long ways with this program. The future looks good and exciting. The mayoral form of government will not do a thing for Bennington.

Joseph H. Hall



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