Letter: Endorses unified school district

I strongly endorse a unified school district of all of the communities participating in the November 7th vote. There are those who argue against having one single district and one single board but prefer to retain often redundant school boards in each town. They say it is protect their schools. I am not sure what they are protecting if enrollment continues to decline in their respective communities. The merger plan offers promise of enhanced opportunity and resources for all students delivered in a fiscally prudent and efficient way.

There can be no persuasive argument against agreeing to unification on our terms versus waiting to see what will be imposed by the state. We control our own destiny. The false hope that the business of governance and education can be conducted "as usual" is lacking in reality. We can no longer provide a shrinking education system under the same unwieldy multiple board governance structure that has substantially outlived its value. We all need to accept the fact that merger will occur whether by the peoples will or by state edict.

The merger plan offers choice and opportunity which would be positive even if property tax incentives were not offered. However, there are financially beneficial incentives to each of the participating towns if the merger is accomplished. I, for one prefer to accept the incentives, but more important a governance system for the 21st century which offers a better way to deliver enhanced educational opportunity for our children and grandchildren.

Tom Jacobs



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