Letter: Don't hunt antlerless deer


To the Editor:Archery deer season has opened. Rifle and muzzleloader deer season will open in November and December respectively. Hunters will again discover a paucity of deer, and in fact even a paucity of deer sign. Recently a local hunter told me he killed a very large doe. Hunters continue to complain about low deer numbers, and yet continue to harvest female deer. Coyotes are not responsible for a lack of deer, nor are bears or bobcats. Changing forest conditions such as aging of said forests isn't the problem either. The woods are full of mast; acorns, beechnuts, hickory nuts, and apples. In winter there is ample browse. The problem is overshooting of anterless deer by the ultimate predator. Don't shoot anterless deer, don't buy anterless licenses. It really is that simple.Tony WintersShaftsbury.


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