Letter: Dewar backs strategies to increase involvement

To the Editor:

Thank you so much for running these articles about the candidates including myself! One correction — my name is spelled Dewar, not Dewer. One addition — the address for the Pownal Business Network is www.pownalbusinessnetwork.com.

We had a wonderful Meet the Candidates gathering last night hosted by the Friends of Pownal. It was filmed by CAT-TV so anyone who wanted to be there can watch it on YouTube. I really enjoyed meeting people with whom I have developed online relationships!

One concern I have heard from people in the town is the lack of awareness and reaching out by the town. While there is an amazing town website now https://townofpownal.org/, we still need to do more in 2018.

Why use Facebook for politicking as I have been doing?

One of my wise FB friends wrote this to me: "The town people need to be more involved and this helps bring in the busy younger generation."

My response: That's the idea! The youth are the future. I learned so much working with college students for 9 years. Yet I won't be reaching out to them alone. I want to learn how each generation gets their information and work to implement using ALL the strategies we have available to us. It's not just about making the information available, it is about making it easy to access and thus more regular. That's what I did for Williams College. That is one of the things I can do for this beautiful town.

My Facebook page is 100 percent public. https://www.facebook.com/lucy.valley.9275 I will accept anyone who would like to be friends. I'm finding that it's a great way to reach out. Facebook makes it easy by suggesting friends. This makes it a great platform for inviting neighbors whom I have not yet had the opportunity to meet yet.

I have had some wonderful conversations with people I look forward to meeting in person as a result. If you prefer your privacy, you can also visit it just to see what I have to say with regard to the campaign and, if elected, to find links to information shared so you don't have to dig for it. I would also do my best to post the meetings as well as they are all open to observation.

Jenny Dewar

Candidate for the Pownal Select Board


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