Letter: Court ignores warnings on white supremacist


To the Editor:

We just had another weekend of mass shootings. TWO in 24 hours. "Thoughts and prayers" — not interested. Even more infuriating is the "If you see something, say something."

We, in Bennington County, have been seeing and saying for months now. Yet the white supremacist who terrorized a state representative — a woman of color — has continued to walk out of the courtroom and remain free. No bail. No fine. No nothing. We saw, we said something. They released him anyway.

Now imagine a little role reversal. A white woman as state rep. A delicate sort of woman. Blond. Think KellyAnn. Haunted and stalked by man of color. He flaunts his muscles. Works out a lot. He trolls and threatens her on Facebook. He shows up and tries to intimidate with stare downs and taunts and nasty language in her direction.

He also targets large gatherings with his brand of intimidation while holding a loaded gun. Some of those gatherings include the Pride festivities, the Bennington Farmers Market where an organized group of women are all breast feeding their babies, as well as standing outside of shops where his critics work.

He buys a few guns. "Legally." Starts stock piling guns AND ammunition. Illegally. He gets caught. Somehow, yet he manages to buy more. He wears a T-shirt that says "F-K gun control" to court, verbally assaults a meek white man (think the white supremacist who fits this description) standing in the doorway (who is fearful of his release) and goes home. Does this happen? Of course not. He goes to jail. They saw. They said something. I highly doubt he is released.

Yet the white supremacist who carries loaded guns keeps walking out of court and continuing his nasty and threatening behavior. We refuse to live in a state of fear but just stop telling us "If you see something, say something" because it falls on deaf and white judge ears. #racism


Bennington County residents and friends:

Jenny Dewar

Elisabeth Miller Shapero

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Judith D. Schwartz

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Jim Mumford

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