Letter: Corporate greed

To the editor:

We have recently been privileged to read in the Banner an excellent series on the PFOA toxicity in North Bennington. For me, the most important part of the series was the one entitled "State Response to ChemFab Complaints Was Mixed." I would not call it "mixed," rather I would call it atrocious. The state clearly dropped the ball. It didn't listen to the citizens. It didn't act on their complaints. It did not enforce emission standards. It favored a corporation over the citizens.

Our governments are supposed to protect us from corporate greed, but they frequently fail to do so. In order to enrich themselves, banks sold subprime mortgages which resulted in the housing crisis and the great recession of 2008. Oil, gas, and coal companies continue to pollute at the expense of our planet. Health insurance companies and big pharma facilitate a system of high cost and poor results. And President Trump reduces banking regulations, cuts the EPA's budget, and denies us universal health care.

Huge profits for the few at the expense of the many.

— G. Richard Dundas



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