Letter: Clarifying medical marijuana requirements


To the Editor,Your editorial [on a proposed medical marijuana dispensary] provides some much needed calm to an issue given to hyperbole. However, one significant point might be made in order to enhance and continue the conversation.Medical marijuana is not made available to patients in VT by prescription. Medical marijuana is available to sufferers of a wide variety of conditions by personal application. Doctors are requested to sign a form that clearly states, in bold faced type and italics, that the doctor is neither reccomending nor prescribing, but merely attesting to the fact that the applicant does indeed suffer from one or more conditions included in the quaIifying list recently expanded by Gov. Scott. Refusal to sign this non-prescription paperwork is a direct violation of HIPAA statutes regarding requests from patients and law enforcement.This very common misconception has thrown up significant barriers for people seeking relief from an increasing number of conditions. We're not talking about wild-eyed stoners here, but our fellow citizens, who come from every level of society seeking a non-opioid method of pain relief.Finally, people and medical personnel need to stop reading from the hopelessly outdated playbook regarding the benefits of marijuana and get some up-to-date information. UVM has accessible and unbiased facts and data available on its website. Dave Crowley Bennington


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