Letter: Biden doesn't offer what America needs


To the Editor:

I have always admired Alden Graves' columns and agreed with his political views, but I have to disagree with his support of Biden. Many of Biden's past actions are anything but progressive. He opposes Medicare for All, he thinks Roe v. Wade went too far, he opposes expanding Social Security, he opposes ending private prisons, he opposes breaking up "Too Big to Fail" banks, and his actions in the Thomas hearings were disgraceful.

The worst, as pointed out by Stephen Zunes on Truthout, is his support for the Iraq war. As chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, he insisted that Iraq had WMD which had long since been eliminated. In the recent debate, Biden claimed that he was opposed to the war, but in fact he praised Bush's actions. Biden lied about a very important issue.

A vote for him will continue the right-center Democrats' devotion to money and big corporations, not unlike the Republicans. We need a complete reversal of Trump's policies. Bernie is the man to do that. Polls show that Bernie can beat Trump, providing that the election is legitimate. Bernie is the least egotistical candidate. He wants what is good for the common man and woman. Money is not his God. Nor is power.

I hope Alden will rethink his support for Biden.


Selma B. Milchen




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