Letter: Ban leg hold trapping

To the editor:

The foul smell of human arrogance permeates the American landscape when politicians, mainstream environmental groups, such as NWF, and special interest lobbying groups meet to negotiate environmental issues. The key word used at these staged gatherings is "compromise." The definition of compromise is; "An adjustment or settlement by which each side makes concessions."

Compromise has left us with less than 10 percent of our ancient forest intact. Compromise has developed more miles of logging roads within our national forests than mileage developed for interstate highways. Compromise has put over 1,000 native plant and animal species on the brink of extinction, Less than 20 percent of these have adequate protection. The reality is, we are loosing species almost daily now. Compromise sent the government sponsored animal damage control unit armed with helicopters, flame throwers, shotguns, leg traps and poison to murders millions of animals every year to protect the livestock industries special interests. The elite government hit squad burns coyotes and wolf pups in their dens. The nauseating stench of burnt flesh and hair permeates the once pristine lands of America the not so beautiful. Sharpshooters with rifles shoot the free spirited wolf from helicopters. Coyotes and endangered wolves chew their legs off to escape traps set by government thugs and killers. This is compromise.

Barbaric leg hold trapping is outlawed in 86 civilized countries.

America's wildlife are our true ecologist, looking after the land.

96 percent of coyotes diet is mice and voles, the carriers of Lyme, ticks!

We need to protect our predators!

Before Europeans "settled" here, all wildlife and wilderness lived in perfect balance, contrary to those that profit from trapping want you to believe. Its past time for Vermont to ban cruel leg hold trapping.

— Peter Souza, founder of Wolf and Wildlife Action Group



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