Letter: Atrocities at border lead people to act


To the Editor:

Last month The Lights for Liberty! Bennington, VT event held at the Four Corners in Bennington was organized as part of a much larger national effort to speak out against the atrocities at our borders, the inhumane conditions in the concentration camps now on US soil and the laws that this administration is blatantly breaking... with recent ICE efforts ramping up I felt a need to revisit the event.The people who tried to tear apart this event (and those like it) are showing their true colors, their ignorance and their hate. It is quite sad really.

Yes a couple of chants used the fbomb, not my first choice but people are angry. I know I am. Are you?

There were chants most of the two hours at the four corners (and again just a couple of those with f-bombs). There was also a statement read speaking up for three immigrants being held in Vermont, a poem for the children and song, a beautiful song. People came together in what was a beautiful and meaningful event.

As some of my friends have said, light is the best disinfectant, so let's keep doing that. An organization doing their part right here in Vermont is Migrante Justice/Justicia Migrante ( https://migrantjustice.net/)

Kristin Mack,




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